Onkar House

Onkar House is a 24 hour, medium support living-learning experience for people with a history of complex mental health and related psychosocial problems in a 6 bedded shared house.
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Residents have their own private rooms and access to shared facilities, including a large kitchen and dining room, and a communal garden.
Therapeutic Support
All Residents have a named key worker who works with them to manage their tenancy, and identify and address their, daily-living and psychosocial needs as they work towards a more satisfying interdependence through active engagement with domestic, vocational, educational and social activities in the house and in the community. Our basic requirement is that those referred will benefit from a structured, yet individualised programme which is both practical and therapeutic.
Length of stay
The length of stay for each resident varies depending on each individual’s treatment plan. The aim is to encourage residents to share responsibilities, make decisions for themselves and to regain their independence as far as possible. Residents are encouraged to set realistic goals with staff and establish a range of activities in the service and the local community.
CHT employs staff committed to recovery, and encourages applications from those with lived experience. Onkar House staff team is made up of Support Workers, Supported Living Facilitators, a Supported Living Service Lead and has an integrated fully qualified Psychologist or Psychotherapist, supported by a Psychiatrist in Psychotherapy in the Senior Team. Onkar House offers 24 hour support (sleep in nights).

Our dedicated staff are crucial to the successful delivery of recovery and therapeutic services, so CHT is committed to providing high quality staff training, including Skills for Care training for staff and managers, and a 20-module tailored programme of training in psychosocial theory and practice.

Staff also have regular supervision, weekly reflective practice facilitated by the service psychologist, and access to an employee assistance programme.

Contact details:
Onkar House,14 Waxlow Crescent, Southall, Ealing, UB1 2ST

Email: supportedliving@cht.org.uk

Tel: 020 7018 6990

Yaprak Olmez

Yaprak Olmez

Service Manager

Hi, my name is Yaprak and I am the service manager of Supported Living. I have been working with CHT over nine years. My background is in psychology and psychoanalysis.

I visit each community at least once a week. I am responsible for making sure the communities feel safe and that the therapeutic program is running. Residents could expect to see me for formal meetings as part of your journey but also just to have a general catch up.

Alice Howe

Alice Howe

Community Psychotherapist

Hi, I’m Alice, I’m a integratively trained relational psychotherapist.  I have worked as a therapist for 5 years in settings such as special provision education, homelessness, leaving care and suicide prevention and bereavement.’