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Where relationships are the treatment

NICE publishes new depression guidelines – CHT’s view: not as bad as it was, not as good as it should be

NICE has this week published its new clinical guideline for depression in adults, following a guideline development process that lasted seven years and resulted in an unprecedented three consultations. The delay follows the persistence of our coalition of stakeholders, that saw Community Housing and Therapy (CHT) join forces with more than forty other mental health organisations to call on NICE to address major methodological flaws that underpinned previous drafts of the guideline.


CHT is currently recruiting for a number of positions including honorary psychodynamic psychotherapy placements!

Lilias Gillies' Art Exhibition - Splendid Isolation!

Take a virtual tour around the ‘Splendid Isolation’ which showcases artwork from residents and staff at our residential service, Lilias Gillies House

CHT changed my perception of the world. They made me feel like I wasn’t alone and that I could talk to these people whenever I needed them.  I started to become an honest, caring and relaxed person because of the people around me at CHT.”

“I felt cared for and very supported”

They have shown me things I would not have learned by myself, which I am very grateful for.”

“Every time I cried, they told me it’s ok. They reassured me when times got hard. They made me smile when I felt like I couldn’t.”

“Since I moved to Mount Lodge I have been here longer than any other of my placements and did not have a placement breakdown. I have achieved my goals of getting into work and keeping it. I have learned a lot about setting my personal boundaries for my own personal safety and security. I have developed as a person into the person who I want to be. I have dramatically reduced the amount of contact I have with emergency services.”

Ben, resident from Mount Lodge

“I haven’t been here long and still have a long way to go, but its taught me boundaries, its taught me to give each other space.”

“I feel better for having people around me than I did before”

I feel like if it wasn’t for CHT, I don’t think I would get through this. Your profession, that’s the kind of thing I want to do.”


Mental Health Awareness Week!

Mental Health Awareness Week has started!

This year’s theme is loneliness. We have been exploring this year’s theme of ‘loneliness and connection’ with our residents. One of our residents sums up how loneliness feels to them in their painting ‘Inside Out’.  At CHT, we take our unique approach to providing community, housing, and therapy and combine it with a distinct clinical model that allows us to welcome, nurture and support our residents, enabling connection with others and preventing social isolation.


A resident at Highams Lodge has written a powerful poem on the topic of loneliness for Mental Health Awareness week.

At CHT we value the importance of co-production with our residents which supports them to build their sense of self-esteem and purpose.


Social exclusion has been experienced by all of our residents.

We tackle social exclusion by helping residents engage in activities, both within the CHT community and in their local area, promoting social inclusion and participation.


Learning to connect with others is an important part of our residents’ recovery journeys in our communities.


Our communities promote social inclusion and co-production in a holistic community space where residents can develop important connections, build confidence, and gain independence, which will ultimately lead to them moving on and thriving in life.