Where relationships are the treatment


CHT is currently recruiting for a number of positions!

Lilias Gillies' Art Exhibition - Splendid Isolation!

Take a virtual tour around the ‘Splendid Isolation’ which showcases artwork from residents and staff at our residential service, Lilias Gillies House

New Service!

CHT is proud to be opening a new supported living service in Richmond at the site of one of the U.K.’s first Therapeutic Communities.


We finally had the opportunity to get together and enjoy our CHT BBQs; hosted by Highams Lodge, Mount Lodge and Lilias Gillies House.

It was made even more special by the previous year’s Covid restrictions. A fab opportunity to see old faces and meet new ones too!

CHT changed my perception of the world. They made me feel like I wasn’t alone and that I could talk to these people whenever I needed them.  I started to become an honest, caring and relaxed person because of the people around me at CHT.”

“I felt cared for and very supported”

They have shown me things I would not have learned by myself, which I am very grateful for.”

“Every time I cried, they told me it’s ok. They reassured me when times got hard. They made me smile when I felt like I couldn’t.”

“Since I moved to Mount Lodge I have been here longer than any other of my placements and did not have a placement breakdown. I have achieved my goals of getting into work and keeping it. I have learned a lot about setting my personal boundaries for my own personal safety and security. I have developed as a person into the person who I want to be. I have dramatically reduced the amount of contact I have with emergency services.”

Ben, resident from Mount Lodge

“I haven’t been here long and still have a long way to go, but its taught me boundaries, its taught me to give each other space.”

“I feel better for having people around me than I did before”

I feel like if it wasn’t for CHT, I don’t think I would get through this. Your profession, that’s the kind of thing I want to do.”