We understand our work by drawing on, and being informed by, the clinical and academic insights derived from the traditions of the theories and practices of the Therapeutic Community, and is informed by more contemporary psychosocial ideas about relational security, Trauma-Informed and Psychologically Informed Environments (PIEs), and other related psychosocally-informed research and practice. 

Community, Housing and Therapy (CHT) is one of the leading UK providers of residential therapeutic community housing, for people suffering from mental illness, mental disorders, post-traumatic disorders and other complex and enduring psychosocial problems.

We have developed a robust business model with a turnover of almost £3 million.

Our general aim is to work with residents' referring team to provide a safe and secure Psychologically-Informed Environment (PIE), where staff and residents can work together to build therapeutic and enabling relationships that will work towards promoting recovery and greater realtional interdependence.  

Our central concerns are

Safety and Care

To provide safe accommodation and professional care in psychologically planned therapeutic environments for those suffering from mental ill health, complex trauma, addiction, homelessness and other related complex psycho-social problems.

Relationships and Containment

To optimize our clients’ capacity to form emotionally containing and sustaining individual, group and community relationships.

Recovery and Empowerment

To support our clients in making decisions that that will support them in their recovery and enable them to gain increasing control over their lives.

Training and Supervision

To train and supervise our staff and others so that they can work more effectively with those suffering from mentally ill health and related  complex psychosocial difficulties.

Development and Partnership

To exchange resources, promote cooperation and collaboration with other professional and academic colleagues working in the field.

We work closely with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and the Royal College of Psychiatrists Centre for Quality Improvement on monitoring standards.

Community Housing and Therapy (CHT) is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee.