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Highams Lodge

for residents

Highams Lodge

You may be wondering what Highams Lodge is like? What goes on? What are the facilities in the local area? Here those questions will be answered. We hope after you read this page, you will have a greater insight into our therapeutic community. And we hope you, like us, may be able to answer the question “what is Highams Lodge”?


The Foundation – The Basics

Highams Lodge is a supported housing project run by Community Housing and Therapy. We house up to 15 residents who are experiencing mental health and emotional difficulties. Highams Lodge uses a therapeutic model. Our therapeutic programme is created to give us the space and support to discuss and explore our difficulties and feelings. By doing this we can become aware of ourselves and we can start to build healthy relationships and healthily communicate with each other. Each resident is assigned a key worker who can help encourage engagement in social activities and personal interests. As well as therapeutic discussions and exploration in groups, 1:1 therapy is offered, which is arranged between the resident and their assigned therapist.


The Structure

There have been many new developments at Highams Lodge. This new programme is on offer for all the residents, (see below). However, it is optional. You don’t have to participate in the programme, but it’s encouraged.

Residents can also participate in spontaneous groups which are encouraged and can be supported by staff.



Every evening a resident takes it in turn to cook dinner for the house. Staff support the residents but it is a collaborative effort. Some residents have their specialities such as lasagne, shepherds pie, chicken and noodles and “chicken wrap Tuesday”. However, every Saturday is takeaway night and we get food from Chinese, Indian and Kebab takeout’s. Needless to say this is extremely popular.


Opportunity Group

Every Saturday we have an opportunity group, which is led by a different resident each week. The topics range from bees and the environment to fashion and current affairs. It is a time to discuss the topics and for residents to give their opinions while respecting each other.


Leisure Group

This group varies from week to week. On previous occasions residents and staff have gone bowling, have gone for coffee or a pancake or have even gone to Southend for the day.



Over the summer, some of the residents at Highams Lodge decided to do some gardening. We have a patio which overlooks our garden and here we have grown vegetables and fruit such as tomatoes and strawberries. In our garden we have planted some sunflowers, and the seeds of which, have been collected for next year’s gardening.


The Local Area

Highams lodge is situated on the Avenue in Highams Park. Just 5 minutes down the road from Highams Lodge is the overground station Highams Park. From here you can go to Walthamstow station which will let you go on the Victoria Line into central London.

There are also buses which go down the Avenue at frequent intervals.

At the bottom of the Avenue there are lots of cafes and off-licenses as well as restaurants and a big Tesco. Also, there are a few parks and a lake in the close vicinity.



Although Highams Lodge is a therapeutic community where feelings and thoughts are shared, explored and discussed as a group, there are still plenty of opportunities to do things independently. For example, some residents do online courses, some volunteer at local charity shops and others go to evening classes for exercise or art. There is also, the matter or therapy. 1:1 therapy is on offer for all residents. Timings and the frequency of sessions are arranged between the resident and their allocated therapist. A keyworker is also assigned to every resident after a 6 week assessment period. This keyworker will support the resident in their interests, encourage the resident to integrate into the community and think about plans for the future and improving their mental wellbeing.

Each resident will have their own individualised recovery plan. This will allow staff to know how best to support that resident and therefore how best to help them in their journey to recovery.