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George Dooley House

for residents

George Dooley House

CHT works in partnership with Central and Cecil Housing Trust (C&C) to provide a 24-hour 6 bed shared house at George Dooley House, Southall. The  service provides a living-learning experience for people with a history of complex mental health and related psychosocial problems. Within the house C&C provide the housing management and CHT provide the psychosocial support and therapeutic components of the programme. Residents have their own private rooms and access to shared facilities, including a large kitchen and dining room, and a communal garden.

The clinical model used at George Dooley House is based upon the Psychologically Informed Environment (PIE) and Therapeutic Community approaches. George Dooley House provides emotional and practical support through one-to-one and group therapy sessions that enable and empower residents to confront the issues that have resulted in their current circumstances. Each resident is assigned with a named member of staff from the beginning of the placement.

The main aim of the programme at George Dooley House is to help its residents integrate into their community by finding new ways of expression and developing the appropriate skills for successful living. This includes management of finances, general living skills, communication skills, developing effective coping skills for difficult situations and developing positive support networks.

George Dooley House is staffed 24 hours with sleeping night support for emergency situations.

Working together / Co-production

Co-production is at the centre of CHT’s approach. Central to the CHT model is the concept of learning through the experience of living together. We run a programme of Community Groups which residents are expected to increasingly participate in. The act of working with other people in a group to achieve a particular purpose, and the social and emotional regulation skills required to do so, are deeply therapeutic and developmental; they also support reparative processes in attachment behaviours, and the development of clear care-seeking and care-giving capacities.

As in all CHT’s projects in George Dooley House residents are involved in four keys areas.

  • Residents are at the centre of drawing up and reviewing their recovery and therapy plans. They are involved in discussions about their placement, they help to organise and chair their own reviews at which progress is discussed and recovery and therapy plans revised.
  • Residents are responsible for some of the administrative running of the household. Together with staff, residents are responsible for decisions concerning the total running of the household including maintenance and cleaning the house, social activities, health and safety, and any community rules that may need to be revised or established.
  • Residents are involved in monitoring and reviewing the service. The therapeutic programme is co-produced with residents. Residents attend regular resident forums with CHT’s senior team, where there is an opportunity to provide feedback. Regular feedback is collected and reviewed as part of CHT’s quality assurance process. Residents also produce a resident led newsletter and have the opportunity to be part of CHT’s resident activity fund and resident fundraising committees.
  • Residents are involved in an ongoing dialogue with staff. Staff listen to the experiences of service users in groups, in individual sessions, and informally. Particular attention is paid to the residents subjective perspective. Emphasis is placed on forming authentic relationships with residents. Time is spent informally with residents within the household and this helps to flatten the hierarchy between residents and staff and provides a culture where real contact can be made between people.


House Rules

  • Please be aware of your sound levels when in the building– whether this be loud music, television, vacuuming late at night etc.
  • When using communal areas, remember to clean up after yourself.
  • Take responsibility when cooking and keep an eye on your food, not only for safety reasons– but also because nobody enjoys standing out in the rain during a fire drill for a piece of burnt toast.
  • We expect you to keep your home clean, tidy and healthy.
  • Please pay your rent in a timely and consistent manner to avoid falling into arrears..
  • Please make sure you put your rubbish out on the day it is to be collected.


Contact details:

George Dooley House, 66-68 West End Road, Southall, Ealing, UB1 1JL

Email: georgedooleyhouse@cht.org.uk

Tel: 020 7998 9880


Supported Living Service Manager

Ryan Burke

Service Psychotherapist

Jenna Bartlett