Thank you for considering a donation to CHT – Your support will help us to provide ‘A life changing experience’ for our beneficiaries

How your support will help us make a difference

Your donation will make a powerful difference in ensuring that people who might otherwise be in and out of hospital for the rest of their lives get a life worth living. Outcomes that your grant will contribute to include:

• Enabling residents to re-gain a sense of control and autonomy over their lives

• Reduction in the time spent in hospital

• Increased psychological stability

• Ability of residents to move on to independent or less supported accommodation

• Increased sense of social inclusion as residents engage with the world outside the residential community

• Increased ability to engage and relate to others

• £10 pays art materials for a therapeutic art workshop
• £25 pays for music therapy sessions for one service
• £50 pays for yoga sessions for up to 15 residents