Prior to taking up a placement with CHT many our clients have led chaotic lifestyles often hindered by persistent symptoms. These may have prevented them from functioning independently without continuous supervision and support. Many have been in psychiatric care for a substantial portion of their lives and will have spent extended periods in hospital. Many have also been detained under the Mental Health Act


If you would like to refer someone to us please fill out the form with your details and we will contact you back.

In order for us to give proper consideration to this application, please also provide a detailed social/psychiatric report and post it to our head office. It must include:

1. Family background: parents, siblings and other important blood relatives and significant others; relationships within the family; family history of psychiatric difficulties.

2. Personal background: childhood and development; emotional/psychological development; employment.

3. Present situation: relevant details of current psychological/social difficulties; events leading to application; the specific situations in which any disturbed behaviour tends to occur.

Please describe the therapeutic approaches which have already been used with the applicant, and the extent to which they have proved successful. Also include psychiatric data on hospital admission and treatment. Existing reports from psychiatrists, probation officers, social workers and any other professionals should also be attached if available. Please indicate which reports are included: psychiatrist, social Worker, probation officer.

Person being referred:

 Male   Female
 Living in Hostel
 Living Alone
 Living with Family
 Discharge from Hospital